S.P.A.C. Consultancy continues its services as Turkey’s largest Lean Six Sigma Consultancy company since 2000. During this period, S.P.A.C. provided consultancy support for its clients to realize 6,000 projects, and as a result of these, provided more than 200 Million Dollars net gain for its clients. Our main philosophy in this is, focusing more on the results of the project than training Black Belts and Green Belts.

S.P.A.C. has both theoretical and practical knowledge and experience on many fields, such as:

As a consequence of our experience and knowledge, S.P.A.C. team provides consultancy support about Lean Six Sigma, for the international foreign companies with global scale, in regions like Europe and Middle East.

We are here to increase the profitability of our client and provide CONTINUITY of the improvement method that we construct.