S.P.A.C. Consultancy continues its services as Turkey’s largest Lean Six Sigma Consultancy company for more than 8 years.

S.P.A.C. takes part in international activities and collaborates with international consultant companies like Minitab, Reliasoft and Infinitas. Consultants from S.P.A.C. are among the approved consultants list of these companies, and provide training and consultancy services abroad, particularly about Lean Six Sigma.

Here is a brief list to let you know about our global partners::


Minitab is the most efficient software all around the world, in the field of quality improvement. Minitab is globally the largest company of its sector, and it offers the statistical techniques to the service of its users in the most competent way. In Turkey, S.P.A.C. is the preferential dealer of Minitab, and covers 65% of its sales.



Reliasoft is the most famous Reliability specialist of the world. In 2004, a cooperation agreement is signed between Reliasoft and S.P.A.C. The cooperation is continuing on the fields like Product Reliability, Accelerated Life Testing, Guarantee Periods, which are some extensions of Six Sigma Consultancy.



Bill ZEEP, the founder of Infinitas Consultancy Company, took part as the key lecturer of the Lean Six Sigma Congress that was held by S.P.A.C., in 2006. Infinitas is providing services to major institutions of Turkey, like Borusan Holding and DYO, and it has some advantages of its own as it can provide some specialized (boutique) advantages to execute long term programs for its clients. As a result of the collaboration between S.P.A.C. and Infinitas, S.P.A.C. started to provide consultancy services also in Denmark and Germany.