When the general framework is considered, it is possible to divide Lean Six Sigma Applications into three stages. The extent of each application and its characteristics must be designed in accordance with the client’s processes and priorities. These three stages are as follows;

  1. Infrastructure Studies,
  2. Project Applications and Start Up,
  3. Providing Continuity.


1. Infrastructure Studies

This stage comes to an end in 2 – 10 months according to our client’s needs and resources, and its aim is to make necessary preparations to start an application which can be guaranteed to be continuous and succeed.


2. Project Applications and Start Up

As the output of the Infrastructure Studies, the devotion, cooperation and support of the senior management must be achieved. Under these circumstances, the projects and the teams that will carry out these projects must be defined. Lean Six Sigma Training must not start before the projects, teams and project sponsors become clear.


3. Providing Continuity

The most frequently experienced problem during the application of Lean Six Sigma is providing the continuity. During this stage, right after the primary applications, the institutions that clarified the correct expansion strategy must implement the next wave of projects to construct the system that will be responsible for the continuity.