S.P.A.C. was founded in 2000 as the first Six Sigma Consultancy Company of Turkey, and its primary aim is to add VALUE to its clients’ works. In order to achieve this, S.P.A.C. Consultants, whose average experience exceeds 15 years, provide professional consultancy services, carried out with an amateur eagerness and determination, for their clients.

S.P.A.C. Consultancy embeds Process Management and Efficiency into the foundation of all its services. S.P.A.C. not only provides services for more than 100 companies that are in the Top 200 list of Turkey but also extends its consultancy services to countries like Poland, Estonia, Russia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

S.P.A.C. has organized conferences, published books and magazines of its own, completed R&D projects supported by TUBITAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) and expended its services towards abroad… All these activities, position S.P.A.C. on a different platform than its competitors that works in the same field, they position S.P.A.C., as its clients’ long term solution partner.

S.P.A.C. provides consultancy services in the fields such as Lean Six Sigma, Lean Techniques, Downsizing Process Complexity, Establishing Customer Oriented Sales Process, Process Optimization with the Design of Experiment… S.P.A.C. Consultancy established more than 3,500 projects together with its clients, and provided more than 100 Million Dollars increase in their (including their staff) efficiency and profits.

S.P.A.C. defines itself as a consultancy company, rather than a training company. However, it offers various solutions for its clients with the special types of trainings that require very specific knowledge. In this context, S.P.A.C. can provide special programs like, Product Reliability, TRIZ and Design of Experiment, for its customers.

The company published books in the fields of Lean Six Sigma and TRIZ. Furthermore, it has been publishing the magazine titled Six Sigma Forum, since 2004.