In KAIZEN Project applications, rapid improvements in the process are aimed by placing an expert as the moderator and the leader. Standard KAIZEN application suggested by S.P.A.C. starts with Fundamental Lean Techniques Training that continues for 3 days; it goes on with the preparation for 1 day, application for 5 days and follow-up for another day, therefore, includes a total of services that continues for 10 days. It is aimed to finish all these services in 1 – 1.5 months utmost.

As KAIZEN leaders, expert consultants from S.P.A.C. who work in the field of KAIZEN applications provides support to our clients.

Theoretical Training Period
Value Stream Charts
1 KAIZEN Application
: 3 Days (With the mutual collaboration of comp.)
: 1 Day / Company (With Project Elections)
: 1+5+1 / Company


The KAIZEN application given below, is being executed under a very different discipline than the classical KAIZEN applications, it is based on Six Sigma DMAIC model.