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Reliability is referred as the probability that an item will perform a required function without failure under stated conditions for a stated period of time.

Today, reliability has become a concept that we can "calculate" and "foresee" rather than something we "hope for", for any process, design, product or service we provide, thanks to the current facilities and regulations. This requires us to evaluate and shape our assets based on this knowledge, and use relevant methods and tools in order to add value to our shareholders and nature we live in. In this regard, ReliaSoft facilitates fulfilling this aim by providing options that serve any kind of need and different process.

Reliability should be taken into consideration way before the final product or an implemented system, but at the design stage. On the other hand, multiple designs would yield different reliability values. ReliaSoft offers reliability tools and solutions for all the stages from basic design to complex installed systems having a variety of subsytems.

Weibull++ Reliability Life Data Analysis
ALTA Accelerated Life Testing Analysis
BlockSim System Analysis with RBDs or Fault Trees
DOE++ Experiment Design and Analysis
RGA Reliability Growth Analysis
RENO Probabilistic Event and Risk Analysis
Lambda Predict Standards Based Reliability Prediction
Xfmea FMEA and Related Analyses
MPC MSG-3 Maintenance Program Creation
RCM++ Reliability Centered Maintenance
RBI Risk-Based Inspection

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