The ultimate system visualization and analysis toolTM

ReliaSoft's BlockSim provides a comprehensive and flexible platform to model systems and processes using both reliability block diagram (RBD) and fault tree analysis (FTA) approaches. An extensive array of RBD configurations and FTA gates and events are supported, including advanced capabilities to model complex configurations, load sharing, standby redundancy, phases, duty cycles and more!

Use the system models to perform reliability, maintainability, availability, reliability optimization, throughput, resource allocation, life cycle cost and other analyses.

BlockSim is a part of theSynthesis Platform®.

Software Highlights - ReliaSoft's BlockSim

Reliability Block Diagrams (RBDs)

  • Series, Parallel and Complex
  • k-out-of-n
  • Standby
  • Load Sharing
  • Subdiagrams
  • Multi Blocks and Mirrored Blocks

Fault Trees

  • AND and OR Gates
  • Voting Gates (k-out-of-n)
  • Inhibit Gates
  • NOT, NAND and NOR Gates
  • Standby Configurations Using:
    • Standby Gates
    • Priority AND Gates
    • Sequence Enforcing Gates
  • Load Sharing Gates
  • Subdiagrams

Analytical Diagrams

  • Exact System Reliability Equation
  • Minimal Cut Sets
  • Metrics:
    • Reliability and Probability of Failure
    • Conditional Reliability
    • Conditional Probability of Failure
    • Reliable Life (aka Warranty Time)
    • BX% Life
    • Mean Life
    • Failure Rate
  • Plots:
    • Reliability vs. Time
    • Unreliability vs. Time
    • pdf
    • Failure Rate vs. Time
    • Reliability Importance Plots

Simulation Diagrams

  • Duty Cycles
  • Maintenance Durations
  • Restoration Factors
  • Direct & Indirect Maintenance Costs
  • Spare Parts Availability
  • Maintenance Crew Logistics
  • State Change Triggers
  • Batch Simulation
  • Metrics:
    • Mean and Point Availability
    • Reliability and Probability of Failure
    • Mean Time to First Failure
  • Plots (for System and/or Block):
    • Point Reliability/Availability
    • Mean Availability
    • Costs
    • Up/Down Timeline
    • Block or System Downtime
    • Expected Failures/Downing Events
    • Criticality Metrics (e.g., RS FCI, etc.)
    • Block Bubble Plot
    • Crew and Spare Part Metrics
  • Throughput Analysis
    • Excess Capacity and Backlog

Phase Diagrams

  • Maintenance Phases
  • Node and Stop Blocks
  • Varying Throughput

Markov Diagrams

(if supported by your license)

  • Discrete
  • Continous

System Improvement Tools

  • Allocation Analysis
  • Optimum Replacement
  • FRED Reports
  • Overlay Plots (aka Multi-Plots)
  • Synthesis Workbooks (spreadsheet and word processing modules combined)

Centralized Data Storage

  • Standard Repository
  • Microsoft SQL Server® and Oracle®
  • Simultaneous Access by Multiple Users
  • Shared Analysis Settings and Data
  • Flexible User Access Levels


Integration with all other Synthesis Platform applications, including:
  • Publish models based on diagram analyses and create metrics to track and display KPIs
  • Use models created from analyses performed in other Synthesis applications

Multiple Languages Supported

Available Services

  • Detailed User Documentation
  • Practical Example Files
  • Theoretical eTextbook
  • Step-by-Step Example Guide
  • Training for Theory + Software


Real Power for Real Applications

BlockSim provides an extensive array of tools to help you model and analyze systems and/or processes. Some of the applications and benefits for using BlockSim include:

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