An MSG-3 Compliant Maintenance Program Creator

ReliaSoft's MPC is an MSG-3 compliant maintenance program creator for the aircraft / aerospace industry. It facilitates the analysis process, provides flexible data management capabilities and offers automated report generation in templates that have been accepted for submission to the aircraft industry maintenance review board. The software is available in two versions:

MPC is a part of theSynthesis Platform®.

Software Highlights - ReliaSoft's MPC

MSG-3 Systems and Powerplant Analysis

  • Predefined Systems and Subsystems
    • Based on ATA iSpec 2200
  • Identify Maintenance Significant Items (MSIs)
  • Functional Failure Analysis (F-F-E-C)
  • Failure Effect Categorization (FEC)
    • Evident Safety
    • Evident Operational
    • Evident Economic
    • Hidden Safety
    • Hidden Non-Safety
  • Maintenance Task Selection
    • Lubrication (LUB) or Servicing (SVC)
    • Operational Check (OPC)
    • Visual Check (VCK)
    • General Visual Inspection (GVI)
    • Detailed Inspection (DET)
    • Special Detailed Inspection (SDI)
    • Scheduled Structural Health Monitoring (S-SHM)
    • Functional Check (FNC)
    • Restoration (RST)
    • Discard (DIS)
  • Check MSI Analysis (highlights potential discrepancies in the application of MSG-3 logic)
  • Automatic Report Generation

    • Microsoft Word® or Microsoft Excel®
    • Easy to modify, print, PDF and distribute
    • Choice of predefined templates for MSI reports (Standard, Dassault and Sukhoi)
    • Customizable report templates

Description & Operation (D&O) Documents

  • Attached to the Analysis
  • Integrated into Report Output

MSG-3 Structural Analysis (Plus Only)

  • Predefined Structures and SubStructures
    • Based on ATA iSpec 2200
  • Identify Structural Significant Items (SSIs)
  • Configurable Rating Systems
    • Environmental Deterioration Analysis
    • Accidental Damage Analysis
    • Fatigue Damage Analysis
  • Structural Analysis Tasks
    • General Visual Inspection (GVI)
    • Detailed Inspection (DET)
    • Special Detailed Inspection (SDI)
    • Scheduled Structural Health Monitoring (S-SHM)

MSG-3 Zonal-L/HIRF Analysis (Plus Only)

  • Predefined Major Zones
    • Based on ATA iSpec 2200
  • Logic for selecting the appropriate analysis
  • Configurable Rating Systems
    • Standard Zonal Analysis
    • Enhanced Zonal Analysis
    • L/HIRF Analysis
  • Zonal Analysis Tasks
    • General Visual Inspection (GVI)
    • Transfer "zonal candidate" tasks from other analyses

Facilitating Team Effort

  • Management of "Working Group Stamps"
  • Option to store notes and status updates
  • Option to flag portions of the analysis
  • Link or attach other related files

Data Management

  • Import from Excel
  • Cut/Copy/Paste or Drag & Drop
  • Browse and import from existing analyses
  • Find and reuse existing text descriptions
  • Import into RCM++, Xfmea or RBI

Centralized Data Storage

  • Standard Repository
  • Microsoft SQL Server®
  • Oracle®
  • Simultaneous Access by Multiple Users
  • Check-in and Check-out
  • Shared Analysis Settings and Data
  • Flexible User Access Levels
  • Restore Points (to roll back to a previous stage in the analysis)


Integration with all other Synthesis Platform applications.

Available Services

  • Detailed Online Help File
  • Detailed User Documentation
  • Practical Example Files


Real Power for Real Applications

Some of the benefits of using the MPC software to facilitate the analysis and reporting for MSG-3 analysis include:

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