Risk based inspection analysis for oil & gas, chemical and power plants

ReliaSoft's RBI software facilitates risk based inspection (RBI) analysis for oil & gas, chemical and power plants in adherence to the principles and guidelines presented in the American Petroleum Institute's recommendations in the API RP 580 and RP 581 publications, as well as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers' recommendations in ASME PCC-3-2007.

Full-featured Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and FMEA / FMECA functionality is also included.

RBI is a part of theSynthesis Platform®.

Software Highlights - ReliaSoft's RBI

RBI Standards

(principles and concepts)

  • API RP 580 ve 581
  • ASME PCC-3-2007

RBI Analysis

  • Define Risk Categories (risk tolerance)
    • Failure Probability
    • Area Consequences
    • Financial Consequences
  • Define Management Systems Score
  • Easy to add RBI equipment types and components to system hierarchy
  • Specify units for temperature, pressure, etc.
  • Quick Qualitative Assessment
    • Configurable Rating Scales
    • Select Equipment for Detailed Analysis
  • Detailed RBI Assessments
    • Compressor
    • Heat Exchanger
    • Pipe
    • Pump
    • Tank650
    • Vessel/FinFan
    • Pressure Relief Device (PRD)
  • Detailed Results
    • Damage Factors
    • Probability of Failure
    • Financial Consequences
    • Area Consequences
    • Recommended Inspection Date
    • Area Risk and Financial Risk Plots

Easy to Find and Reuse Data

  • Browse or Query to Import Existing Data
  • Use Keywords to Find and Import Existing Record Descriptions
  • Copy/Paste and Drag/Drop

Full-Featured RCM

  • RCM Standards
    • SAE JA1011
    • SAE JA1012
    • MSG-3
    • NAVAIR 00-25-403
    • Option to use your own custom profile
  • Support for RCM Logic
    • Equipment Selection
    • Failure Effect Categorization (FEC)
    • Maintenance Task Selection
      • Run to Failure
      • Preventive Maintenance (PM)
      • Predictive Maintenance (PdM)
    • Option to customize the logic
  • Calculations and Planning
    • Optimum Replacement Time
    • Cost per Operating Time
    • Average Availability
    • Flexible Task Packaging

Integrated FMEA Capabilities

  • Configurable for All Types of FMEA
  • FMEA Standards
    • AIAG
    • SAE J1739
    • IEC 60812
    • ISO 14971
    • VDA-4 (German Automotive Industry)
    • MIL-STD-1629A
    • Option to use your own custom profile
  • Risk Priority Numbers (RPNs)
  • Criticality Analysis
    • Quantitative
    • Qualitative
  • Track Corrective Actions
  • FMEA Reports Charts and Dashboards

Tools and Utilities

  • Flexible Templates for Imports, Queries and Reports
  • Links and Attachments
  • Action Alerts via E-mail, SMS Text Message or Synthesis Portal Message

File Output

  • Microsoft Excel® and Word®
  • Easily export to *.pdf, *.rtf or *.html from Word or Excel

Centralized Data Storage

  • Standard Repository
  • Microsoft SQL Server® and Oracle®
  • Simultaneous Access by Multiple Users
  • Shared Analysis Settings and Data
  • Flexible User Access Levels

Import Types

  • Import/Export via Microsoft Excel®
    • Build and manage custom templates
  • Import from Xfmea, RCM++ and XFRACAS


Integration with all other Synthesis Platform applications.

Available Services

  • Detailed User Documentation
  • Practical Example Files
  • Step-by-step Guide
  • Training for Theory + Software


Real Power for Real Applications

Some of the potential applications and benefits for using risk based inspection (RBI) analysis techniques and ReliaSoft's RBI software tool as part of your organization's asset management program include the ability to: 

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For more information, quick start guide and examples, please visit http://www.reliasoft.com/rbi/index.htm