If you can flowchart it, you can simulate it!TM

If you thought that building complex models for simulation or discrete analysis would require buying ridiculously expensive software and then writing code on top of that... we have good news for you!

ReliaSoft's RENO software is a powerful and user-friendly platform for analyzing any probabilistic or deterministic scenario using an intuitive flowchart modeling approach and discrete event simulation.

You can create flowchart models for complex reliability analysis, risk and safety analysis or maintenance planning.

RENO is a part of theSynthesis Platform®.

Software Highlights - ReliaSoft's RENO

Potential Applications

If you can flowchart it, you can simulate it! Some examples include:

  • Risk/Safety Analysis
  • Complex Reliability Modeling
  • Decision Making
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Optimization
  • Operational Research
  • Financial Analysis

Easy to Build Flowchart Models

  • Flowchart Blocks
    • Standard Blocks
    • Result Storage Blocks
    • Conditional Blocks
    • Binary Nodes
    • Logic Gates
    • Branch and Summing Gates
    • Flag Markers and Go To Flags
    • Counter Blocks
    • Reset Blocks
    • Stop Flags
    • User Interface Blocks
    • Subchart Blocks
  • Resources
    • Variables
    • RENO and Static Functions
    • Simulation Definitions (with BlockSim)
    • Tables
    • Models (created in RENO or in other Synthesis applications)
  • Excel®-compatible Spreadsheets
  • Integrated Run-Time Debugger
    • Step through the flowchart
    • Watch simulation proceed in "debug" mode

Equation Building Utilities

  • Internal Functions
  • Predefined Functions
    • Engineering and Statistical
    • Math and Trigonometry
    • Financial
    • Logical
  • Function Selector & Equation Editor
    • to save time and reduce errors
  • Color-Coding
    • for variables, functions and operands
  • Resource Preview
    • see variable definitions as you type

Simulation Results

Display results during execution, in Excel®-compatible spreadsheet and/or directly in the flowchart. May include:

  • Averages
  • Sums
  • Arrays
  • Minimum/Maximum Values
  • Last Values (end of simulation)

Sensitivity Analysis

  • Vary one or two constants across a set of simulation runs
  • Analyze how different inputs will affect the final results


  • Automatically vary one or two constants within a given range
  • Find the value(s) that minimize or maximize a specified result


  • Plot a result against 1 or 2 varied constants
  • Compare one result against another
  • Plot results against the cumulative probability of the values
  • Display results values in pie charts and bar charts

Centralized Data Storage

  • Standard Repository
  • Microsoft SQL Server®
  • Oracle®
  • Simultaneous Access by Multiple Users
  • Shared Analysis Settings and Data
  • Flexible User Access Levels


Integration with all other Synthesis Platform applications, including:

  • Use BlockSim diagram results in RENO flowcharts
  • Use models created from analyses performed in other Synthesis applications
  • Transfer array of results to Weibull++

Available Services

  • Detailed User Documentation
  • Practical Example Files
  • Step-by-Step Example Guide
  • Training for Theory + Software


Real Power for Real Applications

You can use the flowchart models that you create with RENO to estimate results of interest, perform sensitivity analysis to evaluate how key inputs will affect the results and automatically estimate optimum values by performing multiple simulation runs.

These techniques can be applied for a wide variety of applications including, but not limited to:

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