ReliaSoft offers a combination of introductory and advanced courses on the subjects listed below (also at http://www.reliasoft.com/seminars/courses/index.htm) and continues to expand its curriculum on an ongoing basis to meet the evolving needs of practitioners. Click the "Details" links to find a brief summary of each course, including the major topics covered and some of the ways that you can apply the concepts and software tools that you will learn about.


G400 - Foundations of Reliability Engineering Data Analysis and Modeling (5 Days) G400A - Weibull and Life Data Analysis (3 Days) M440 - Reliability and Maintainability Analysis for Repairable Systems (5 Days) D470 - Effective FMEA Series (D470A, D470B) D470A - Foundations of Effective FMEAs (3 Days) D470B - FMEA Facilitation and Application Skills (2 Days) G475 - FRACAS Principles and Applications (2 Days) M480 - Effective RCM Series (M480A, M480B) M480A - RCM Principles and Applications (3 Days) M480B - RCM Facilitation and Application Skills (2 Days) M485 - RBI Overview and Application (2 Days) D490 - Standards Based Reliability Prediction (2 Days) G511 - Application of Reliability Growth Models in Developmental Testing and Fielded Systems (3 Days) D521 - Advanced Quantitative Accelerated Life Testing Analysis (3 Days) G522 - System Risk and Reliability Analysis Series (G522A, G522B) G522A - System Reliability and Maintainability Analysis and Optimization (3 Days) G522B - Simulation Modeling for Reliability and Risk Analysis (2 Days) D560 - Design for Reliability (DFR) Program Planning and Implementation (5 Days) M560 - Reliability-Based Program Planning and Implementation in Asset Management (5 Days) G588 - Applications of Experiment Design and Analysis in Reliability Engineering (3 Days) ARS - International Applied Reliability Symposium


You may find the world-wide calender which includes the dates and places of the courses at http://www.reliabilityprofessional.org/web/dates.aspx.

S.P.A.C. Consulting organizes trainings for these courses in Turkey occasionally or on request. The trainings which are conducted in Turkey are announced in our web-site and via e-mail. For your special educational needs which are not covered by the named courses, please contact us via e-mail, phone or fax together with your firm details, the subject(s) you are interested in, the contact person and number of participants.