The standard for reliability life data analysisTM

ReliaSoft's Weibull++ is the industry standard in life data analysis (Weibull analysis) for thousands of companies worldwide.

The software provides a complete array of data analysis, plotting and reporting tools for standard life data analysis (LDA) with integrated support for a variety of related analyses such as degradation data analysis, warranty data analysis, non-parametric life data analysis, recurrent event data analysis and reliability test design.

Weibull++ is a part of theSynthesis Platform®.

ReliaSoft Weibull++ Öne Çıkanlar

Data Types (individually or in groups)

  • Complete (Failure Time)
  • Right Censored (Suspension Time)
  • Left Censored
  • Interval Censored
  • Free-Form


  • Weibull
  • Normal and Lognormal
  • Exponential
  • Gamma and Generalized Gamma
  • Logistic and Loglogistic
  • Gumbel
  • Bayesian-Weibull
  • Mixed Weibull
  • Competing Failure Modes (CFM)

Analysis Types

  • Rank Regression on X (RRX)
  • Rank Regression on Y (RRY)
  • Maximum Likelihood (MLE)
  • Non-Linear Rank Regression

Ranking Methods

  • Kaplan-Meier
  • Median Ranks

Confidence Bounds Methods

  • Likelihood Ratio
  • Fisher Matrix
  • Beta Binomial
  • Bayesian (BSN)

Plot Types

  • Probability
  • Reliability vs. Time
  • Unreliability vs. Time
  • Failure Rate vs. Time pdf Plot
  • Contour Plot
  • Failures/Suspensions Histogram
  • Failures/Suspensions Pie
  • Failures/Suspensions Timeline

Integrated Utilities

  • Distribution Wizard
  • Quick Calculation Pad
  • Overlay Plots (aka Multi-Plots)
  • Side-by-Side Plots
  • Monte Carlo Data
  • SimuMatic®
  • Block Diagrams
  • Stress-Strength Analysis
  • Data Set Life Comparison
  • Reliability Test Design
  • Maintenance Planning Tool
  • Spreadsheets and Report Templates
  • Function Wizard
  • Non-Linear Equation Root Finder
  • Non-Linear Equation Fit Solver
  • Quick Parameter Estimator
  • Quick Statistical Reference

Related Analyses

  • Warranty Analysis
    • Nevada
    • Times-to-Failure
    • Dates of Failure
    • Usage
  • Degradation Analysis
    • Linear
    • Exponential
    • Power
    • Logarithmic
    • Gompertz
    • Lloyd-Lipow
    • User-defined Model
  • Destructive Degradation Analysis
  • Event Log Conversion
  • Recurrent Event Data Analysis
    • Mean Cumulative Function
    • General Renewal Process
  • Non-Parametric Life Data Analysis
    • Kaplan-Meier
    • Simple Actuarial
    • Standard Actuarial

Import Types

  • Microsoft Excel® Files
  • Text Files (*.txt, *.csv, *.prn, *.smc)
  • Weibull++/ALTA 6, 7 Files

Centralized Data Storage

  • Standard Repository
  • Microsoft SQL Server®
  • Oracle®
  • Simultaneous Access by Multiple Users
  • Shared Analysis Settings and Data
  • Flexible User Access Levels


  • Integration with all other Synthesis Platform applications.

Multiple Languages Supported

Available Services

  • Detailed User Documentation
  • Practical Example Files
  • Theoretical eTextbook
  • Step-by-Step Example Guide
  • Training for Theory + Software


Real Power for Real Applications

The Weibull++ software provides an extensive array of tools to help you understand and communicate how a product will perform over time. Some of the many useful applications include the ability to:

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