About Us

S.P.A.C. Consultancy was established in 2000 to provide consultancy services in the field of continuous improvement and excellence in Turkey and abroad. It is a consulting firm that offers universal methodologies and application solutions related to process management and process excellence, especially Lean Six Sigma and innovation solutions, to the use of local and international business world. Its goal is to create value for its customers at global standards. In line with this goal, it has been providing Turkey’s leading companies and many companies abroad with consultancy, training and project support since its establishment.

Our mission is to create PROFITABILITY in our customers and to ensure the CONTINUITY of the improvement method we would establish together.

You can review our services, which include the unique application experience and knowledge we have for the solutions you need, on our website or you can contact us for more details.

Consultancy service for more than 20.000 projects
Consultancy export to 20 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa
Lean 6 Sigma Conferences since 2006
Over 300,000,000 USD net earnings in customers
ARDC Regional-Ankara Reliability Conferences
Business Management and OpEx Series Books and Six Sigma Forum magazine
SPAC Academy Youtube broadcasts
OpExSys solution developed with 20 years of experience
Lean 6 Sigma solutions at global standards
Flexible, sensitive and successful applications specific to your company

International Consultancy

Consultancy service in 20 countries


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