Funding Programs

There are funding programs to support the innovation and quality investments of companies in the areas we serve in Turkey.

You can find information about these programs below or contact us for more detailed information.

Program for Enhancing and Supporting International Competition No. 2010/8

As we are a company which authorized by the Ministry of Trade as an educator. Our customers are supported by the Ministry of Economy as per the Decleration No. 2010/8 on Supportıng The Improvement Of International Competition.

Companies are supported with 70% of the expenses of domestic trainings not exceeding the period to be determined on the basis of the program they will receive from the trainers, not exceeding 20,000 USD annually in the subjects included in the 5th article of this Decleration.

You can benefit from this support for 60 hours of training in a period. For more information, see:

Turquality Projects

S.P.A.C. Consultancy has been accredited as a 2nd Class Consultant Firm within the scope of the Turquality Project as of June 2008.

Turkish firms supported within the scope of Turquality can include consultancy services up to $ 500,000 from accredited sonsulting firms in Class 2.