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AviX is a globally accepted system that helps to analyze, prevent, eliminate imbalances; continuously eliminates waste; creates a common language and standards in the company; relies on precise values ​​thanks to video analyses; facilitates communication and transfer via visuals. It is a very easy-to-use toolbox where everything is gathered in one place and and is needed in employee-process-product development.

Companies benefiting from Avix

  • ADITRO – (28% reduction in lead time in 10 weeks)
  • GETRAG – (Production planning, balancing, continuous improvement, 5-6 million Euros gain)
  • RAPID – (Discovery of potentials with the use of standard times, involvement of field workers in improvements, system design starting from concept phase, clearer product pricing, reduction in costs, increase in employee satisfaction)
  • ERICSSON – (75% reduction in production downtime thanks to balancing, less staff stress with new line design, planning, balancing, continuous improvement, 5-6 million Euros gain)

Benefits of AviX

  • COMPANY – “One Standard!”, reduced losses, increased flexibility, standardized methods, production costs, decisions based on facts, resource Planning
  • ENGINEERING – Powerful and efficient tool, enhancements vs. current situation (simulation), structured way of working
  • OPERATOR – Work environment, ability to influence the work, communication, training, insight and understanding of the processes
  • SALES – Cost calculations, flexibility when changes occur

AviX Demo

You can log in by clicking the link and download the Demo software. For the use of the software, please CONTACT us.

AviX Licensing

AviX is offered as an annual license with Fixed User and Concurrent User with single user and floating options.


With pilot project applications for AviX software, both software usage training and improvement methods can be implemented successfully. For more detailed information, please contact us.