Create value with Lean

Lean is the fundamental element for the establishment of a continuous improvement and development system. We are offering Lean Production and Management System in order to eliminate non-value-added actions in your processes, to accelerate your processes and to start and maintain the productivity movement collectively.

Lean will allow employees to make improvements in the areas where they personally work. Advanced process improvements can be achieved by restructuring an inefficient system that includes and supports employees. By starting with lean and adding new tools, we ensure that you progress in operational excellence in the right way.

General Implementation Plan

Applied Training

We transfer the basic and advanced tools practically your company needs to your employees in pilot areas or throughout the company according to your strategy, document the results by transforming them into permanent lessons-learned for your company, and help you transform the company culture for value creation.


We offer technological solutions to support sustainability, effective monitoring and evaluation activities in order to transform the learned information into permanent business results.

Basic Lean Traning

By introducing your employees to the power of the Lean philosophy, we enable them to apply the basic tools that will empower them to purge their activities from non-value-added practices.

Advanced Lean Traning

We ensure that your employees eliminate complex and chronic waste and losses, following what they started with basic Lean tools, by using more advanced tools.

5S and Visual Factory Application

We are perfecting your work environment and approaches so that you can catch deviations at a glance, carry out your activities in the most efficient, safe, flexible and standard way that will meet the requirements of your customers.

Waste & Loss Analysis Application

With this program, also known as “Diagnostics”, we evaluate all your activities with the Lean perspective together with your employees and reveal all the losses caused by the wastes, from the moment the order is received to the moment of the collection, and provide the best solutions to eliminate them.

Line/Resource Balancing Application

By adjusting and balancing the speed of each workstation according to the product quantity and delivery time requested by your customer, we ensure the efficient use of machinery and workforce, as well as the elimination of bottlenecks. We perfect the balance between your production steps and increase your flexibility.

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) Application

We ensure that the processes in your company are mapped and examined in the light of the principles of “value”, “speed” and “agility”, whether all processes are progressing towards the same goal, the compliance of processes with current values, and that improvements are quickly determined and implemented.