Achieve strategic and operational excellence with OpExSys.

OpExSys (Operational Excellence System) is the consolidation of systems that aim at the continuous improvement of your processes and employees, develop common language and communication, create target unity, provide standardization, create value with the participation of all functions of your organization.

OpExSys Benefits

You will see a substantial increase in your operating profit margin. With senior management support,  the main benefits of this high profitable and well established system are as follows:

Less Defects

We reduce the number of defective products by sorting quality problems with prioritization methods and right problem solving methods. We choose appropriate methods and tools according to the complexity of the problems and types of waste and losses, then apply them in the field.

Less Failure

We enable you to maximize overall equipment efficiency by reducing malfunctions with the help of operators who react to anormalities, follow their machines and find solutions to their problems, as well as engineering studies aimed at increasing the life of equipment parts, minimizing downtime and unplanned incidental costs.

Safer Work Environment

We provide a decrease in the number of accidents and near-misses with effective trend analysis, detailed root cause analysis where the incident took place, and the detailed analysis of risks for general/step-based, routine/non-routine activities.

Better Organized and Lean Work Environment

With the power of visual management and the efficiency of 5S, we build self-managing areas, improve working ergonomics, increase sensitivity to losses, and eliminate imbalances in lines.

Happier Employees

Organizing needs-based trainings with competency gap analysis contributes to the development of your employees and guarantees their future. We adapt motivational tools to maximize your employees' commitment to the company. By means of these practices, we create the organizational structure that supports the requirements of the excellence process.

OpExSys Structure

OpExSys focuses on quality, cost, delivery speed, worker health & safety and employee development in the first place. The highest success can be achieved in these focal points by ensuring the same discipline at every link of the chain of operation and being driven to the same goal. Excellence is a password in all end-to-end processes. To ensure perfection, OpExSys improves the entire process under 12 different categories.

Operational Excellence System Process

Stage 1


Determining company needs with an audit of 1613 questions, waste analysis

Stage 2

Infrastructure and Design

Determining the principles suitable for the teams’ requirements and company strategy

Stage 3

Plans and Goals

Implementing team activities, determination of indicators, identification of competencies, installation of tracking systems

Stage 4

Application and Review

Implementing detailed applications, periodic review, competency development

Stage 5

Control and Dissemination

Phase Audit Report and determination of the dissemination strategy

OpExSys Teams

OpExSys - Sürekli İyileştirme ikonu
Our Motto: “Become a Team, go on to the field, find and destroy the problem/opportunity”
  • Choosing appropriate methods and tools according to the complexity of the problems, causes of waste & losses and applying them in the field.
  • Eliminating the basic losses determined by the Waste & Loss Analysis team by associating them with strategic targets.
  • Actively focusing all employees on problem solving by ensuring cultural transformation.
OpExSys - Otonom Bakım ikonu
Our Motto: “Our machine, our factory”
  • Maximizing machine efficiency and creating highly aware teams.
  • Developing operators who react to anormalities, listen to their machines and solve their problems.
  • Building an organizational structure leading to operators who clean, control and lubricate their machine, i.e. spoil their machine.
OpExSys - Profesyonel Bakım ikonu
Our Motto: “Reliable equipment, efficient production, quality product”
  • Achieving superior performance in critical machines with detailed root cause analysis to maximize Overall Equipment Efficiency.
  • Creating a professional maintenance approach with engineering and reverse engineering studies to increase component life.
  • Minimizing downtime and unplanned incidental costs and optimizing total maintenance cost with a reliability-based approach.
OpExSys - Saha Mükemmelliği ikonu
Our Motto: “Create continuous flow, set and maintain standards”
  • Building self-managing areas with the power of visual management and the effectiveness of 5S.
  • Creating high performance areas that challenge the obstacles against the flow and taking permanent measures with creative activities.
  • Creating proactive teams that will improve work ergonomics, increasing sensitivity to losses and eliminating imbalances.
OpExSys - Yerinde Kalite ikonu
Our Motto: “Create quality on site and on time”
  • Ranking quality problems with prioritization methods and attacking them with the correct
  • Using effective method approach with systems that detect and catch the error, creating structures and effective control systems that prevent the error from occurring.
  • Determining effective problem solving and standardization methods under Machine, Material, Method and Human.
OpExSys - Motivasyon, Eğitim ve Gelişim ikonu
Our Motto: “Highly motivated people who support transformation and improve themselves”
  • Creating an organizational structure that supports the requirements of the excellence process.
  • Organizing needs-based trainings with competency gap analysis.
  • Developing the employee with development programs and guaranteeing the future.
  • Adapting motivational tools to maximize employee engagement.
OpExSys - İsraf & Kayıp Analizi ikonu
Our Motto: “Discover via wastes and losses”
  • Questioning the differences between budgeted and actualized acitivites with simple systematic methods and resolving with continuous improvement.
  • Creating (minus) continuous improvement budgets that will add value to the company with detailed waste & loss analysis.
  • Developing methods to make waste & losses traceable, creating approaches to detect and eliminate the damage at the start.
OpExSys - Stok Yönetimi ikonu
Our Motto: “A business without inventory, stocks that transform quickly into value and profitable products”
  • Keeping stocks at optimum level with appropriate flow types and analytical calculations for the company.
  • Examining profitable and unprofitable SKUs analytically within the framework of all relevant operations.
  • Guiding product concepts that will minimize complexity in product design and maximize profitability.
OpExSys - Mükemmel Ürün ikonu
Our Motto: “Highly profitable products designed by blending customer’s needs with know-how”
  • Establishing systematics to reflect the company’s know-how to new product designs, aligning customer requests and process capability.
  • Perfecting the functional and aesthetic requirements by optimizing the resources, to bring the 6 Sigma concept to the design.
  • Conducting value analysis and value engineering studies to design high value-added products.
OpExSys - Mükemmel Ekipman ikonu
Our Motto: “Perfect equipment that will produce the perfect product”
  • Maximizing the production capability in line with the demands by using the company’s know-how effectively in purchasing new equipment.
  • Building equipments whose efficiency and impact on product quality are guaranteed in design.
  • Designing and commissioning operator and maintenance-friendly machines with new technologies that support autonomous and professional maintenance together with field excellence activities.
OpExSys - İşçi Sağlığı & İş Güvenliği ikonu
Our Motto: An exemplary business with its working environment and employees. 0 Accident”
  • Following systematics whose risks are general/step-based, analyzed in detail for routine/non-routine activities.
  • Taking permanent measures with effective trend and detailed root cause analysis for accidents and diseases at the place where the incident occurred.
  • Developing safe behaviors by spreading responsibility among all levels.

Assessment System

OpExSys Company Operational Excellence Assessment System
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