Take firm steps with Reliability

Reliability, safety and quality are the keys to success in today’s commercial and industrial processes. We support you to increase the efficiency of your approaches by analyzing all factors that affect the characteristics of your designs or production equipments such as performance, reliability, maintainability and supportability depending on time, with statistical and managerial tools with reliability engineering tools, and provide advantages to your company in matters such as technological leadership and market share.


General Application Plan

Detailed Theoretical Tranings

We transfer the tools of holistic approaches to your experts to measure, analyze, improve and manage your reliability performance in many areas such as design processes, production activities, product support, maintenance, system analysis, and help you optimize costs while meeting customer and management expectations.


We offer advanced technological solutions that will perfect your analysis, evaluation and management activities in order to transform the learned information into permanent business results.

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

We identify the risks of your products, processes and systems for your company, your customers and your environment, and convey the most effective methods to reduce and manage them with a systematic approach.

Life Data Analysis

Reliability Engineering and Life Data Analysis

From the conceptual stage to the customer support stage, we transfer the tools for the interpretation and management of your designs, the risks and failures of the equipment in your factory throughout their life cycle, in the light of statistical methods and experiences.

Accelerated Life Testing Analysis

Tasarımınızın müşterinize ulaştıktan sonra nasıl performans göstereceğini, garanti ve ürün destek süreçlerinde karşılaşacağınız sonuçları daha kısa sürede yorumlamak için gerçekleştireceğiniz hızlandırılmış ömür testlerinizi planlamak ve yorumlamak için kullanacağınız istatistiksel araçları aktarıyoruz.

Other Applications

We convey the statistical tools you will use to plan and analyze your accelerated life tests that you will perform to interpret how your design will perform after it reaches your customer, and to interpret the results you will encounter in warranty and product support processes in a shorter time.